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Metal Tube & Pipe Laser Cutting Machine

1.High rigidity heavy chassis, reducing the vibration generated during the high-speed cutting process.

2.Pneumatic Chuck Design:The front and rear chuck clamping design is convenient for installation, labor-saving, and no wear and tear. Automatic adjustment of the center, suitable for various pipes, high chuck rotation speed, can improve processing efficiency.

3.Drive System: Adopts imported bilateral gear-gear stripe transmission, imported linear guide, and imported double servo motor drive system, import high-precision linear module, to effectively guarantee the cutting speed and high precision.

4.The X and Y axes adopt high-precision servo motor, German high-precision reducer and rack and pinion. The Y-axis adopts double-drive structure to greatly improve the motion performance of the machine tool, and the acceleration reaches 1.2G, which ensures the high efficiency operation of the whole machine.

Product Detail

Product Tags

Product Display

Product Displa

Technical parameter


Laser Cutting

Applicable Material




Laser Type

Fiber Laser

Control Software


Laser Head Brand


Penumatic chuck


Cutting Length


Servo Motor Brand

Yaskawa motor

Laser source


Graphic Format Supported

AI, PLT, DXF, BMP, Dst, Dwg, DXP

CNC or Not


Key Selling Points

High Safety Level

Warranty of core components

12 months

Mode of Operation


Positioning Accuracy


re-positioning accuracy


Peak Acceleration


Applicable Industries

Hotels, Building Material Shops, Manufacturing Plant

Pneumatical parts


Mode of Operation

continuous wave


Double platform

Cutting Speed

depending on power and thickness

Control Software


Core Components

Laser Generator

Guiderail Brand


Electrical parts


Warranty time

3 years

Cutting ability

Cutting ability

The machine video

Automatic Loading and Unloading Metal Square and Round Tube Fiber Laser Pipe Cutting Machine

Main advantage of machine

1. Using Raycus laser source, the electro-optical conversion efficiency is high, which can save power consumption during work and save operating cost.

2. The focal length of the cutting head can be self-adjusted following the surface height of the material, even if the surface of the material is not flat, the cutting quality can be guaranteed.

3. Equipped with a handheld controller, you can manually control the cutting position.

4. With precision ball screw, rack and pinion, linear guide transmission operation, thus achieving high precision, high efficiency and stability of the machine tool.

5. The switch of the solenoid valve and the proportional valve is controlled by the system. The input value in the numerical control system can control the size of the proportional valve outlet, without manual adjustment

6. High-strength integrated welding fuselage and aerospace-grade aluminum alloy beams are subjected to high-temperature annealing to ensure long-term use without deformation.

Workshop & Packing

1. Anti-collision package edge: All parts of the machine are covered with some soft materials, mainly the use of pearl wool.

2. Fumigation wooden box: Our wooden box is fumigated, do not need to check the wood, saving the transport time.

3. Whole film packaging machine: Avoid all damage that may occur during delivery. Then we will cover the plastic package tightly to ensure that the soft material is covered intact, also avoiding water and rust.

The outermost is a wooden box with a fixed template.

4.Wooden box at the bottom of a solid iron socket for easy handling.

Cutting sample

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